Crisis Communications

The nation's largest insurer of business authorized six national public relations firms to be a part of its coverage for corporations facing crisis situations. Half of the six use Sheehan Associates for its spokesperson training component.

Hostile takeover or defense ... product tampering or recalls ... work site accidents ... criminal charges or media accusations ... government investigations ... plant closings ... When the real thing happens, you don't want to be fumbling for the contingency plans. Corporate executives need to be prepared.

When our major clients asked us to help them get their contingency plans in shape and put their executives through their paces, we responded with a rigorous, fast-paced course that earned rave reviews. Since then, we've done the same for hundreds of businesses and organizations.

We work with each client to develop a realistic crisis scenario that features role playing, and simulates the pressurized whirlwind of late-breaking information, media onslaught, deadline pressures and the urgent need to get the message straight.

From board room to mock press conferences, our crisis management course teaches you how to deal with the real thing.

And when the real thing does hit – hostile takeovers or defenses, responding to lawsuits or going on the offensive yourself – Sheehan Associates can come in on an emergency basis and help. We can become part of your response team devising the messages and preparing your spokespersons for the harshest of media spotlights.