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"The consummate professional is one who does the homework, tailors to the audience, arrives on time, is prepared (by hook or by crook), and gives it his best. You did all that and more... and you were a delight to work with!"
Director of Public Relations
American Hospital Association

Team Highlights

Christine Jahnke

Since 1990, Christine has worked with Sheehan Associates as a media and public speaking coach. 

A former television reporter and anchor, she understands what the media wants from newsmakers.

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First, we learn as much as we can about each client. We talk with you about your goals, issues and needs. We study all the background material we can get our hands on.

We then design a workshop for varying time frames, class sizes, different needs – from large group demonstrations to staff conferences to one-on-one coaching. We focus a workshop on building general skills or on preparing for a specific event: an upcoming speech, presentation, interview, hearing, etc. We hold training sessions in our specially designed Washington studio or on the road at a location of your choosing, using our portable video equipment.

"Our philosophy is to be positive – rigorous, but positive. Identifying and building on strengths guarantees longer term success than exploiting and criticizing weaknesses."
— Michael Sheehan

Standing head and shoulders above the crowd isn't just a matter of size.
When you're serious about your communications needs and you can't afford to waste time and money, come to us. These are some of the unique benefits of working with Sheehan Associates:

  • We are specialists, not generalists. Communications training is what we do and all that we do. You reap the benefit of our single focus.

  • We specialize in keeping current and up-to-date. We are the only firm that covers the entire range of the real world of media you'll face: live, edited, remote, phone, print, trade, online and press conference.

  • We constantly revise and update our files of videotapes that are used to demonstrate key fundamentals. At Sheehan Associates, we do our homework every day to stay on top of the ever-changing media.

  • We know that you're unique. We don't jam everyone into the same cookie cutter mold. We tailor each session to the specific needs and interests of each client.
  • Our client list and references are real and they know us by name and results. We'll give you names and numbers to back up all our references.

  • We emphasize both style and substance – strong content projected in an interesting way – to deliver soundbites for network news programs or to capture headlines in newspapers or trade journals.

  • We're easy to work with. Clients will attest that our quality is matched by a responsiveness and amiability that help trainees want, rather than dread, to work on their communications skills. And we're accustomed to working under pressure.

  • We honor confidentiality. As Michael Sheehan once said in an interview: "We never coach and tell."